Sports Gallery

Dublin Sports Photographer

I shot sport for the Fingal Independent Newspaper on a 

freelance basis. I mostly covered field sports such as 

football, hurling, soccer, rugby, cricket and hockey. 

Shooting at night by floodlights is challenging as the

lighting can be quite dim in parts of the pitch and

the players are normally moving at speed.  Shooting

with professional cameras and fast lenses can  

certainly help with this.  As a photographer, I have to 

choose the right settings so I can maximise my 

exposure and get the best shot.

I enjoy shooting outdoors in the fresh air and it is great 

when the team have their supporters there as it all adds

to the atmosphere for the match (lack of 

supporters during Covid ’19 restrictions really drove

this point home).

I am available for hire to shoot your match or sports

portraits of your team.  Please get in contact with me

at +353 (0) 86 881 4589 for a free consultation.